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Environmental pressure on individual and public health is becoming rapidly a key societal concern, which makes both competent authorities, industry and the public seek solutions that would lead to increased public and individual health protection through targeted preventive actions. As socio-economic pressures rise in Greece and in Europe due to the dismal combination of financial crisis and enhanced migratory fluxes the vulnerability of the population to environmental stressors increases rapidly. Finally, climate change is expected to provide a further impetus to the need for protection from environmental health pressures and from multiple hazards that lead to complex natural and technological disasters.

We aim to provide

Comprehensive services towards precision prevention of health problems associated with human exposure to physical, chemical and biological environmental stressors in support of both competent authorities, industrial decision-makers and individual members of the public.

Technological solutions to industry and public authorities with regard to facilitating the transition towards the cyclical economy with particular emphasis on anticipating and reducing potential health risks and enhancing efficiency in the use of natural resources.

High-level consultancy services for the integrated assessment of the impact of measures and policies addressing mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in support of national, regional and industrial adaptation plans in Greece, Europe and worldwide.

Innovation and business model

Enve-X is designed as an engineering consulting and technology development company aiming to provide integrated services to industry, public authorities and individual members of the public in order to foster sustainable development through enhanced and precise prevention and promotion of the cyclical economy. The combination of high dimension biology analysis with integrated exposure modelling and technology development in fostering cyclical economy solutions to agro-industrial and municipal waste will provide a unique business model that would appeal to the market seeking integrated and sustainable solutions to problems linked with environmental contamination, climate change adaptation and mitigation, multi-hazard risk management and precision prevention in environmental health.


Dr. Denis Sarigiannis

Dr. Denis Sarigiannis

Dr. Spyros Karakitsios

Dr. Spyros Karakitsios

Dr. Ioannis Zarkadas

Dr. Ioannis Zarkadas

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